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Hotmail lezen met Thunderbird 5

Makkelijker kan het bijna niet, want Thunderbird zoekt tegenwoordig zelf de juiste instellingen op voor een Hotmail account. Kwestie van je mailadres en wachtwoord invullen, even geduld hebben en klaar is klara.

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Debian: mount an NTFS hard disk automatically at boot

This is the part in my ./etc/fstab to automatically have my NTFS hard disk mounted at boot time.

UUID=4DBDA7743353CAA6 /media/DATA auto auto,users,uid=USERNAME,gid=USERNAME,umask=007 0 0

Use the command blkid as root to find the UUID of the disk you want to mount. Replace the USERNAME with your own username.

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Debian: How to find UUID for your harddisk

Recently I needed my UUID for mounting an NTFS drive directly from /etc/fstab.

Googling for the command directed me in the wrong direction, because the command it used to be isn’t used anymore, at least not in Debian. Fortunately Google also let me to the ‘ new’ command, which is: blkid

Run it as root and it will tell you all the UUIDs of your connected harddisks.


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